plaidCTF 2014 - bbos (for350)

For PlaidCTF2014, Eindbazen and fail0verflow joined forces as 0xffa, the Final Fail Alliance.
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Forensics (350 pts)

You have traveled back in time, but look, hunting  The Plague is tough.
You're really just going back to relax for a while  without having to
worry about all that nonsense. As you walk in the park  you stumble
across someone's BlackBerry. Wow, people still use  BlackBerry phones
(time travel gets so confusing)? You figure you should  return it to the
owner, but you have a hard time getting inside. Figure  out what's on
the phone, and maybe we'll be able to return it to the rightful owner.

BlackBerry was this fancy pager thing, right?