plaidCTF 2014 - g++ (re200)

Although it seems like The Plague's projects are  open source, it's not
quite so simple to figure out what the source code  does. We believe
this project is supposed to print out secret information, but the KEY
variable in the Makefile has been lost. Find the key, build the
project, get us the information.

Oh noes, the key is gone!

plaidCTF 2014 - zfs (for400)

Forensics (400 pts)
The Plague is using state of the art systems for storing his data. 
Our operatives managed to steal a drive from one of his servers, 
but it seems like our haste may have led to some uber-corruption. 
Can you get the data off the drive to track down The Plague?

Sure we can. But where do we start?